Extended warranty on GG tankers

A 2-year cost-free warranty on the GG slurry tankers and a 5-year warranty on the GG-HWD wheel drive system. That is the new warranty offered by GØMA as we want to repay our customers’ great feedback on the reliable tankers

Profitability and economy are essential parts of the basis for decision when a company is making new investments. And farmers are not an exemption. Therefore, GØMA – a specialist in handling natural fertilizers – now offers its customers financial security in terms of investments. With an extended warranty on GØMA’s slurry tanker program 2020, offering the customers a cost-free warranty of up to two years on the standard GG slurry tanker and five years on the wheel drive system HWD. – We have worked with agriculture for more than 45 years, meaning that we know our customers and their needs – e.g. security in terms of economy and reliable machines. We can offer that kind of security thanks to our new warranty agreement and, not least, with our products which are extremely reliable, says CEO Søren Jensen, and stresses that after the first years on the market, GØMA’s own products have proven to have reduced costs in terms of the GG slurry tanker, and the newly developed wheel drive system HWD with differential lock runs smoothly as well – just as expected. – Therefore, we also feel that we can give our loyal customers something in return with our extended warranty as they have given us very positive feedback on the launch of our own products, says Søren Jensen, and he is very glad that the company can support its customers all the way – from early guidance to aftermarket. – It has always been – and it still is – very important to us that we don’t just sell products without considering time after the purchase. Therefore, guidance and understanding the customer’s needs are essential, and in terms of service, it is crucial that we always have the necessary spare parts, the experience, the availability and service vehicles when the chips are down so that our customer can resume work as soon as possible. -Of course, the extended warranty arrangement applies to new tankers in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the rest of Europe, says Søren Jensen. Environment optimization and the latest technology It has been three years since GØMA launced its own products on the market, and since then, they have received feedback from the customers with a view to optimize their products. – We have received much valuable feedback from our customers, so we have quite a good feeling of what works – and what the customers need practically and functionally. Both in terms of design, technology and ergonomics. That means that the machines ensure our customers a good and healthy working environment and the latest technology, says Søren Jensen – he adds that continuous product development also means constant environment optimization of the products. – In that way we take responsibility for nature and the world around us, together with the customers. Thus, it will be easier for our customers to meet the strict environmental requirements. That makes good sense – for them and for us. Specifically, the warranty package includes the following elements: A 2-year cost-free warranty on GG slurry tankers – without deductible. A 5-year warranty on the GG-HWD wheel drive system, provided that the service from GØMA has been observed – the service starts after year two. – Combined with fewer breakdowns and a high resale value, the GØMA machines make a safe and profitable investment, says Søren Jensen. For further information, please contact Jakob Møller on +45 20898513 or